Resolving Deadlock in Negotiation

Just like conflict, disagreement is a fact of life. And this is especially true in the context of negotiation. In simple terms, negotiation is a discussion intended to produce an agreement. It can also be defined as an attempt to satisfy our needs when somebody else controls what we want. When different parties are trying to reach a mutually agreeable […]

How To Reach A Settlement In Mediation

As parties approach agreement in the mediation sessions, alternative methods are available to the parties and mediator. If it seems helpful, the mediator can convene an intermediate joint session where the parties can negotiate the final points, face to face. If necessary, one or more private sessions may be interposed. ¬†Again, the mediator might convene a final joint session at […]

Online Dispute Resolution

Technology is changing our lives in different ways. With the Internet we can reach out to anyone, anywhere with just a few keystrokes. We now carry devices around with us to enable us have access to virtually any available information and we can instantly communicate via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other means. Before the 1990s there was no commercial […]